Jean Augustine Secondary School

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Urban E.Y.E.S.

Empowered Youth Exploring Sustainability

Creators: Sara Anderson & Grade 9 Geography Team, Brampton 2040 Vision Team
Grade / Subject: Grade 9 CGC1D0 Issues in Canadian Geography

Essential Question:

How might we make the City of Brampton more liveable by the year 2040?


The Project:

This project is launched with a visit from the City of Brampton Planning Department who share the Brampton 2040 Vision with the Grade 9 Geographers. Students are introduced to a variety of problems, issues, and obstacles facing Brampton in its desire to become more livable by the year 2040. Using Human Centred Design students unpack these problems, design innovative solutions, and seek feedback from the Planning Department and community members. Building on this feedback, students iterate on their original ideas, create an engaging presentation, and share their brilliant ideas in a public exhibition called the Urban E.Y.E.S. Vision Expo. The expo is open to the public and has drawn community members, city councillors, school board trustees, local media, and other dignitaries in the past.

Teacher Reflection:

In a December 2019 Canadian Geographic article by Tanya Kirnishni, Sara Anderson explained how the Urban E.Y.E.S. project was born out of her curiosity about a radio advertisement.

“Our school motto is SAIL: service, advocacy, innovation, and leadership. We’re really trying to make authentic learning experiences for our students so that they can come away feeling like they’ve made a difference. When I started here, I wondered how we could do that with geography. Around that time, I heard someone on the radio talking about the Brampton 2040 Vision planning process. I was curious about it and sent a tweet that basically said, “Hey, I’ve got a bunch of grade nines that would be interested in helping out with this.” From there was born this partnership that we have with the City of Brampton 2040 Vision team.”


The project helps the students develop a skill set (geographic skills and design thinking), that they can transfer to other areas of study. It also encourages students to get involved in their community and understand they have a voice and that their ideas matter. Some of our students went on to present their ideas to the Brampton City Council and at a Youth Symposium, that’s authentic learning.

Student Reflection:

Community Connections:

The Brampton 2040 Vision team has been a crucial part of the planning and implementation of this project. Urban E.Y.E.S. was featured in the Brampton Guardian on June 20, 2019.

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