Jean Augustine Secondary School

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Cooking with JASS

Partnership with Seva Food Bank

Creators: Royce Li, Danielle Brignull-Tabone, Hospitality Students
Grade/Subject: Multiple Grades / Hospitality

Essential Question:

How might we leverage student learning and school resources to better serve our community?

The Project:

Cooking with JASS is about changing students’ relationship with food. Students who enter into this program get hands-on experience in cooking/baking.

Rather than selling food items or having the food go to waste, what the students create goes into our daily nutrition program, our after school program “Counting on You”, and to clients of a nearby food bank.

The relationship with the food bank has created an authentic learning experience for the students. Students make meals to match the dietary needs of specific clients, learn to work with changing ingredients, and gain an appreciation for needs of the community.

Teacher Reflection:

I believe that food is a basic human right. With a program like this, students spend most of their time learning how to prepare specific meals and they goes to a great cause. While other non-profit programs that provide food for the less fortunate are great, by involving the students they are able to learn basic cooking skills as well as the importance of caring for one another.

The students learn basic kitchen skills, how to prepare various meals, time-management skills, and the importance of food and the impact it has on everyone. When it comes to sending meals to the food bank, the students will be involved with labelling the meals for the specific individual as well as identifying who prepared it. Students get a sense of pride preparing the food, and the clients of the food bank will know the names of strangers who cared enough to prepare a meal for them.

-Royce Li

Student Reflection:

It was a fun way of learning for me since it was all hands-on and we could occasionally eat our assignments. We were given opportunities to learn from mistakes we might have made with one recipe, and make it better, helping us learn key tips that could be useful no matter what we’re making. There was one thing I liked the most about the project which was that a lot of our work was done with Mr.Li. By this I mean he didn’t give us work to do and then just sent us off, he actually worked with us on the some of the things we made. Like when I made a Billy Miner Pie, he worked with me for a lot of it, guiding me in the right direction since it was a more complex recipe, while still managing to make sure I was working independently and learning.  – Grade 12 student AM

Throughout this project, I learned a lot of different hands-on cooking skills I wouldn’t of necessarily learn by myself. I had the opportunity to cook a variety of meals of my choosing which make it exciting. I was able to work on this project with a lot of my friends which always kept me motivated and excited. Although I had to wake up early some days to package meals it was a group effort I never found anything in the process extremely challenging, if I was ever unsure of something Mr. Li was always near to help. Overall I had I lot of fun participating in this project I honestly wish I wasn’t graduating so that I could continue helping Mr. Li with all my friends. – Grade 12 student SC

Community Connections:

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